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Before starting this guide, we will see if custom firmware is already installed and check the current system version of your console.

Abschnitt I - CFW Check

  1. Power off your console
  2. Halte den (Select) Knopf gedrückt
  3. Power on your console while still holding the (Select) button
  4. If you do not see a custom menu (your console just boots to the HOME Menu), you may proceed to the next section

If you see the Luma3DS configuration screen or any other custom menu (e.g. GodMode9, Decrypt9WIP), STOP - you already have custom firmware! Fahre hier fort.

Abschnitt II - System Version

  1. Launch System Settings on your console
  2. Your system version will be displayed on the bottom right of the top screen (e.g. “Ver. 11.17.0-50U”)

Abschnitt III - Wähle eine Methode

To find the correct method for your console, please select the model of your console and the system version you found in Section II.

Alternate Methods

If possible, you should follow the method given by the prompt above.

Otherwise, methods that work on all versions are available, but require additional hardware:

  1. ntrboot - requires compatible DS flashcart
  2. Installing boot9strap (Hardmod) - requires soldering