Seedminer (Mii)

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This method requires a reasonably powerful GPU (any dedicated graphics card made in the last few years) and the ability to use a command line. If you don’t know what those are or do not have the hardware necessary, join Nintendo Homebrew on Discord, open the “#mii-mining-assistance” channel and provide the following:

  • Your Mii QR code, uploaded directly to Discord (do not take a screenshot or a photo of the image, just send the HNI_XXXX.JPG image itself)
  • Your console’s ID0 (the name of the 32-character folder directly inside of Nintendo 3DS - see this troubleshooting section if you have multiple)
  • Your console model (e.g. 3DS, 3DS XL, 2DS, New3DS, New3DS XL, New2DS XL)
  • Your console’s year of manufacturing; if you don’t know, don’t say it - it’s not super important
Détails techniques (facultatif)

To install boot9strap on your console, we derive your console’s unique encryption key. To accomplish this, we use a tool called Seedminer to calculate the data encryption key (movable.sed) for your console.

Because we do not have access to the Friends List, we are deriving the first part of movable.sed using a Mii QR code instead of by performing a two-way friend exchange.

Pour plus d’informations sur le fonctionnement de Seedminer, regardez cette présentation.


If you are on Linux or macOS, replace py -3 with python3 in all commands.

Ce dont vous avez besoin

  • The latest release of Seedminer (the Seedminer .zip)
  • Any 3.x version of Python installed
    • If you are on Linux, you likely already have Python 3. Check by opening a terminal and entering python3 -V. If this returns a version number, it will work for this guide.

Section I - Préparatifs

In this section, you will set up Seedminer and obtain your console’s files that are needed for mining.

  1. Extract the contents of the Seedminer .zip and move the folder with your operating system’s name to anywhere on your PC
    • Keep this location handy, as this Seedminer folder will be where multiple other files are placed
  2. In the Seedminer folder, hold SHIFT and right-click anywhere in the folder’s empty space, then click the option that opens Terminal, PowerShell, or Command Prompt
  3. In the command line window, type py -3 -m pip install pycryptodomex, hit ENTER, and allow it to install
    • If this command fails with the error No module named pip, you must manually install pip. The methods to do this can be found on this page.
  4. Power on your console while the SD card is inserted
  5. Open the Mii Maker app
  6. Tap the “QR Code/Image Options” button
  7. Tap “Save Mii as QR Code”
  8. Select a Mii Character that was created on this console, NOT imported from another console (make a new one first if you don’t have any), and press “OK”
  9. Éteignez votre console
  10. Insérez votre carte SD dans votre ordinateur
  11. Naviguez vers le dossier Nintendo 3DS de votre carte SD
  12. Copiez le nom du dossier de 32 lettres que vous voyez directement à l’intérieur du dossier Nintendo 3DS
    • Ce nom de 32 lettres est propre à votre console et sera différent pour chaque console
    • Si vous voyez plusieurs dossiers de 32 lettres, suivez ces instructions
    • Vous pouvez ignorer le dossier private si vous en avez un

  13. Collez votre nom de dossier de 32 lettres dans un document auquel vous pourrez vous référer ultérieurement
    • Ce dossier représente votre “ID0”. Prenez note de cela car ce guide y fera référence plus tard
  14. Navigate to the DCIM folder on the SD card
  15. Look for the QR Code, which will be a .JPG file starting with HNI
    • You may have many other files in here already if you use the Nintendo 3DS Camera app
  16. Copy this file to the Seedminer folder on your PC

Section II - Processing Mii QR and Mining

In this section, you will turn the Mii QR code into a usable file and mine movable.sed with it.

  1. Open the editMii website on your computer
  2. Click on “Import from…”, then select “QR Code” and upload the Mii QR code from earlier
  3. Click on “Export to…”, then select “encrypted (.bin)”
    • This will download a file named input.bin
  4. Copy this input.bin to the Seedminer folder
  5. Open the terminal/PowerShell/Command Prompt window from earlier
  6. Inside this window, enter the command py -3 id0 <id0>
    • Replace <id0> with the ID0 you copied into a document
    • Do not include the angle brackets
    • N’essayez pas d’entrer manuellement l’ID0, car il est facile de faire une erreur. Assurez-vous que l’ID0 est correctement entré en le copiant et en le collant depuis l’endroit où vous l’avez enregistré dans la section précédente
  7. Once it completes, enter the command py -3 mii <model> <year>
    • Replace <model> with the model of your console (new or old) - if you aren’t sure, only models with the ZL/ZR buttons and C-Stick are “new”
    • Replace <year> with the year the 3DS was made (On Old 3DS consoles, the years on the backplate, (M)2010/(C)2011, are always the same and NOT an indicator) - if you aren’t sure, see below
    • Estimate manufacturing years are: Old 3DS 2011, Old 3DS XL 2013, Old 2DS 2015, New 3DS 2016, New 3DS XL 2016, New 2DS XL 2017
    • You can also leave the year empty, which will make it start in the middle
    • The mining process will usually take up to 90 minutes, depending on luck and your GPU’s strength
    • The first stage will likely max out at roughly offset 1500, depending on console model
    • If the second stage (after seeing movable_part2.sed generation success) gets past offset 100, verify that you input the correct ID0. If your ID0 is correct, you cannot use this method and will have to update to the latest version and see if a non-Seedminer method is available for you here
    • If you see the message input.bin is invalid size, remake the input.bin using your QR Code. If it still fails, open a different browser and remake the input.bin there
    • If you see the message LFCS has been left blank, use the opposite console model (e.g. mii old instead of mii new)
  8. When it finishes, a file called movable.sed will appear in the Seedminer folder

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