Installing boot9strap (MSET9 Play Store)

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MSET9 is an exploit for the System Settings application developed by zoogie. It exploits a flaw where the ID1 (the second 32-character folder name inside of the Nintendo 3DS folder, inside of the ID0) can be any name as long as it is 32 characters. Performing a specific sequence of actions results in the console executing the instructions that are encoded into the ID1 folder name, which can be used to grant full control over the 3DS.


This page requires an Android phone/tablet or a Chromebook. If you have a computer running Windows, macOS, or Linux, follow Installing boot9strap (MSET9 CLI) instead. If you do not have access to any of these devices, you will need to use an alternate exploit.

On Android phones/tablets, the minimum Android version required is 6.0 (Marshmallow).


  • The following applications installed from the Google Play Store:
  • The latest release of MSET9 (the Release .zip file)


第一步 – 准备工作

In this section, you will prepare the SD card data necessary for the MSET9 exploit to trigger.

  1. Power on your console with your SD card inserted
  2. Open Mii Maker
  3. Wait for your console to reach the “Welcome to Mii Maker” screen, then exit Mii Maker
    • You may see this screen, which indicates the necessary data has been created
    • If you just reach the normal Mii Maker screen, exit Mii Maker and continue to the next step
  4. 将主机关机
  5. Insert your SD card into your phone/tablet/computer
  6. Copy everything from the Release .zip to the root of your SD card, overwriting any existing files:

    MSET9 root layout

  7. Run the MSET9 Installer application
  8. Tap on Select "Nintendo 3DS" Folder, then navigate to your Nintendo 3DS folder on your SD card (image)
  9. Once inside the Nintendo 3DS folder, tap on “Use this folder”, then “Allow” if asked (image)
  10. If “Setup MSET9” is highlighted, proceed to the next step. Do not setup MSET9 yet. Close the MSET9 Installer for now
    • If “Check Again” is highlighted, there is a problem that you need to resolve before you can use MSET9. Refer to the troubleshooting
  11. Reinsert your SD card into your console
  12. Power on your console

Section II - MSET9

In this section, you will trigger MSET9 to launch SafeB9SInstaller (the custom firmware installer).

These instructions must be followed EXACTLY, so double-check EVERYTHING you are doing to avoid errors!

  1. Hover over the System Settings icon using the D-Pad (do not select it yet)
  2. Power off, then power on your console
  3. Press (A) to launch System Settings
  4. Navigate to Data Management -> Nintendo 3DS -> Extra Data (image)
  5. Do not press any buttons or touch the screen
  6. With the console STILL ON, and without pressing any buttons or touching the screen, remove your SD card from your console
    • The menu will refresh and say that no SD card is inserted, which is expected
  7. Insert your SD card into your phone/tablet/computer
  8. Open the MSET9 Installer application
  9. Tap “Setup MSET9”
  10. Tap on the photo corresponding to your console model, then on the button corresponding to your current firmware version
    • If the injection was successful, all buttons should become grayed out except for “Remove MSET9”
  11. Reinsert your SD card into your console without pressing any buttons or touching the screen
  12. 如果一切成功的话,你将自动进入 SafeB9SInstaller
    • If you get a red screen or the console gets stuck on a loading screen, follow the troubleshooting guide

第三步 – 安装 boot9strap

In this section, you will install custom firmware onto your console.

  1. When prompted, input the key combo given on the top screen to install boot9strap
  2. Once it is complete, press (A) to reboot your console
  3. 你的主机应该会在开机后进入 Luma3DS 配置菜单
    • Luma3DS 配置菜单用于设置 Luma3DS 自制固件的可选功能 其中有许多功能可用于个性化或调试
    • 对于本手册的目的而言,请不要修改默认设置(不要选中或者取消选中任何东西)
    • 如果你的主机在你尝试开机后直接自动关机了,请确认你已经从 Luma3DS .zip 中复制了 boot.firm 文件到你的 SD 卡根目录中
  4. 按下 “Start” 键保存设置并重启

Section IV - Removing MSET9

In this section, you will remove MSET9 to prevent further issues. (This will not remove the custom firmware that you just installed.)

Do NOT skip this section! If you skip it, applications may crash unexpectedly and you will encounter errors on the next page!

  1. 将主机关机
  2. Insert your SD card into your phone/tablet/computer
  3. Open the MSET9 Installer application
  4. Tap “Remove MSET9”
  5. Close the MSET9 Installer application

At this point, your console will boot to Luma3DS by default.

  • Luma3DS does not look any different from the normal HOME Menu. If your console has booted into the HOME Menu, it is running custom firmware.
  • On the next page, you will install useful homebrew applications to complete your setup.

Did you follow Section IV (Removing MSET9)? That section is MANDATORY!