常見問題 FAQ

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The latest 3DS firmware is 11.16.0. 以下是你該知道的:

  • If your device is running Luma 11.0, it is 100% safe to update. You can check your Luma version by holding (Select) while booting your device.
  • If your device is on an older Luma version, you should update Luma before you update your device to 11.16.0.

Pre-Installation FAQ

Q: *I am on the latest system version. 是否可以在不使用任何外部設備的情況下進行破解? **

A: 可以的! The latest firmware (11.16.0) has a free method for getting CFW named Seedminer.

Q: What devices is this guide compatible with?

**A: **目前所有已零售的 3DS、3DS XL/LL、2DS、New 3DS、New 3DS XL/LL 和 New 2DS XL/LL 皆可正常破解。 如果你主機的系統版本顯示為「0.0.0-0」,您的主機可能是開發專用主機,不適用本手冊。

Q: How risky is hacking my console?

A: 除非你故意想弄壞你的主機,不然變磚的可能性是幾乎為零的。

Q: Can I run awesome homebrew and emulators with this?

A: 可以的! 本手冊將會教你安裝一些有用的自製程式,包括一個名為 Universal-Updater 的自製程式商店。

Q: Can I use this to play games from other regions?

A: 可以的!Luma3DS 會自動跳過遊戲卡帶及安裝後的遊戲中的區碼檢查。 但是某些遊戲可能仍然需要使用 Luma 的區域模擬功能來使其能夠正常啟動。

Q: Will I lose any features if I install CFW?

A: 不會。 具有自製韌體的主機仍然可以正常使用 eShop 以及遊玩實體的遊戲卡帶。

Q: Can I keep my NNID?

A: 您的 NNID(如果您有 NNID 帳號的話)不會受本手冊的影響。 韓版、台版及中國版主機本身就沒有 NNID 功能,所以也不會受到影響。

Q: Will my 3DS be banned for having CFW?

A: There was a ban wave in May 2017 that banned CFW users from online play (eShop access, NNIDs, and Nintendo Accounts were unaffected), seemingly at random. A ban wave at such a scale has not been seen since. That being said, we don’t know what Nintendo may have in store in the future. At this time, we don’t think that bans are something that you need to worry about.

Q: Can I do this without a computer (e.g. 使用 Android 手機)?

A: 您只要能在可相容的 SD 卡上存取檔案就可以了!

Q: What size SD card can I use?

A: You will need at least 1.5GB of free SD card space to follow this guide in its entirety. 雖然任天堂官方只有列出 3DS 可用的 SD 卡最大容量為 32GB,但是實際上只要能格式化成 FAT32 的記憶卡都可以使用。 目前已知較大的 SD 卡可能會造成 GBA 和自定義主題的相關問題,因此不建議使用大於128GB的SD卡。

Q: I heard about this thing I have to pay for (Gateway, Sky3DS, ntrboot, R4, etc). 我會需要那些嗎?

A: 不會。 Custom firmware can be installed for free on the latest firmware without any hardware devices. In fact, 3DS-mode flashcarts like Gateway and Sky3DS are not recommended because they are obsolete and may carry ban or brick risk.

Q: What’s the difference between custom firmware and homebrew access?

A: Historically, the 3DS used to have userland homebrew access through older exploits like ninjhax. The level of system access granted with userland allowed you to run basic homebrew and emulators but did not allow you to (easily) modify games or dump cartridges. It was also a lot less stable, with homebrew often ungracefully crashing and requiring a full reboot. Custom firmware grants a far greater level of system access while also being more stable than homebrew-only entrypoints.

Post-Installation FAQ

Q: Is it safe to update my 3DS to the latest version with CFW?

A: If you are using Luma3DS, your custom firmware loader (boot9strap) will never be removed when performing a system update. There have been updates in the past that have resulted in Luma3DS crashing on boot, so it is a good idea to wait a couple of hours to ensure that the latest update will not temporarily render the device unusable until Luma3DS is updated. System updates can be performed the same way as they are on a stock 3DS: through System Settings, Safe Mode, or the update prompt when the update is automatically downloaded.

Q: How do I upgrade my SD card?

A: Copy and paste your SD card contents to a new SD card formatted as FAT32. For 128GB cards, an allocation size of 65536 is recommended. 目前已知較大的 SD 卡可能會造成 GBA 和自定義主題的相關問題,因此不建議使用大於128GB的SD卡。

Q: Can I system transfer with CFW?

A: Yes, system transfers can be performed through the official System Transfer function to other consoles with CFW (inconsistencies may occur if the target console is stock). Tickets for illegitimate titles (homebrew) will not transfer, but the titles can be made to reappear with faketik. Make sure that you do not perform a wireless transfer, as this will delete illegitimate titles. CFW will remain on both consoles.

Q: How do I change the system language of a Japanese 3DS?

A: 目前將日文3DS的系統語言更改為日文以外的唯一方法為進行區碼變更。 請注意,這很可能會造成您主機無法正常使用 eShop,這也代表您將無法更新您的遊戲,無論它們是在主機區域內還是在區域外。

Q: How do I update homebrew applications?

A: It depends on the format of the homebrew application. Generally speaking:

  • CIA 格式的自製程式:只需要直接安裝更新版本的 CIA 即可,通常舊的會被直接替換。 如果舊的 CIA 沒有被替換掉你也可直接去資料管理 (Data Management) 中刪除舊版的程式,就像你刪其他程式或遊戲一樣。 3DSX 格式的自製程式:替換 /3ds/ 資料夾內的 3DSX 檔案即可。 If the homebrew application includes additional assets, you may need to place that folder somewhere else. Refer to the documentation of the homebrew application.
  • For updating Luma3DS, see this page. For updating GodMode9, see this page.

Q: How do I update games from outside of my 3DS region?

A: You will need to dump the updates from a 3DS that has the updates installed. The Nintendo eShop only contains updates for the console’s region (a Japanese 3DS will only have updates for Japanese games).

Q: Help! 我的主機開不起來了阿阿阿…

A: 看看我們的疑難排解頁面。 Uninstalling CFW when your device is in an unbootable state is not recommended, as it is very likely to lead to a brick.

Q: I modded my device x years ago. 我該怎麼辦?

A: It is recommended that you upgrade your setup to a modern, boot9strap-based one. Follow the Checking for CFW guide to see how to upgrade your setup.

Q: My setup works for me. 為什麼要升級?

A: The vast majority of modern homebrew (such as Checkpoint and BootNTR Selector) have only been tested on modern, boot9strap-based setups and may not work entirely (or at all) on older setups based on menuhax, A9LH, or Gateway. In addition, depending on your setup, you may be unable to safely update to the latest firmware. Modern, boot9strap-based setups allow for a greater level of system access than previous hacks, including the ability to dump your console’s bootrom.

Q: Will I lose anything if I upgrade my setup?

A: Your old setup (including your EmuNAND, if you have one) can usually be directly migrated to boot9strap with no data loss. If you have data that is particularly important to you, it would be a good idea to make a decrypted backup of your save data before upgrading your setup with a tool like JKSM.

Q: How do I move saves from an existing Gateway setup to a more modern setup?

A: 請見此帖子