F3XSwift (Mac)

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This is an add-on section for checking your SD card for errors using F3XSwift.

根據您的 SD 卡的大小和電腦的速度,本過程可能將花費數小時才能完成 !

本教學僅適用於 Mac 使用者。 If you are not on Mac, check out the H2testw (Windows) or F3 (Linux) pages.

F3XSwift is only compatible with macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) and above. If you have an older version of macOS, follow F3X (Mac) instead.



  1. 將 SD 卡插入至電腦中
  2. Run the F3XSwift app
  3. Select your SD card from the list of volumes
  4. Click “Test”
  5. Click “Open” to confirm writing to your SD card
  6. Wait until the process is complete

如果測試顯示的結果『成功 ! Your card is ok!`, your SD card is good and you can delete all .h2w files on your SD card

如果出現任何其他結果,您的 SD 卡可能是有問題且需要更換的!