Uninstall CFW

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Required Reading

This will completely remove CFW from your device, including Boot9Strap and Luma3DS, for the purpose of restoring the device to stock.

This is almost never the solution to fix any issues you encounter with your CFW installation. A better idea would be to read the troubleshooting page or ask (in English) for help at Nintendo Homebrew on Discord.

Any unsigned (illegitimate) games will be rendered unusable and can be manually removed using the Data Management section of the System Settings. Use a save manager to backup any saves for these unsigned (illegitimate) games you care about.

This will not affect your NNID, any legitimately purchased games, or any saves for those legitimately purchased games.

If you have modified critical system software (such as editing the home menu, unbanning your console, etc), uninstalling CFW may BRICK your device!

Note that if you have any payload files other than GodMode9.firm in the /luma/payloads/ folder on your SD card, holding (Start) on boot will display a “chainloader menu” where you will have to use the D-Pad and the (A) button to select “GodMode9” for these instructions.

What You Need


Section I - Prep Work

  1. Power off your device
  2. Insert your SD card into your computer
  3. Copy GodMode9.firm from the GodMode9 .zip to the /luma/payloads/ folder on your SD card
  4. Copy the gm9 folder from the GodMode9 .zip to the root of your SD card
  5. Reinsert your SD card into your device
  6. Power on your device

Section II - Running Uninstall Script

  1. Launch GodMode9 by holding (Start) during boot
  2. If you are prompted to create an essential files backup, press (A) to do so, then press (A) to continue once it has completed
  3. If you are prompted to fix the RTC date&time, press (A) to do so, then set the date and time, then press (A) to continue
    • Note that, if you had to fix the RTC date and time, you will have to fix the time in the System Settings as well after this guide
  4. Press (Home) to bring up the action menu
  5. Select “Scripts…”
  6. Select “GM9Megascript”
  7. Select “Hax Options”
  8. Select “Un-install Hax”
  9. When prompted, press (A) to proceed
  10. Press (A) to unlock SysNAND (lvl3) writing, then input the key combo given
  11. Press (A) to continue
  12. Press (B) to return to the main menu
  13. Select “Exit”
  14. Press (A) to relock write permissions if prompted
  15. Press (Start) to reboot your device

All custom firmware has been removed from your device.

You can now remove any extra files and folders from the root of your SD card that are not the Nintendo 3DS or DCIM folders.