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Required Reading

This is an add-on section to check if your console already has a modern custom firmware.

If your console already has an arm9loaderhax or boot9strap based custom firmware, you will need to follow the instructions indicated to upgrade your setup to a modern one.

If your console has a menuhax-based CFW setup, you should clear HOME Menu’s extdata, then follow all instructions on your SysNAND. You probably have a menuhax-based setup if your system version when booting without an SD card is 9.2.0-20.


  1. Power off your console
  2. Hold the (Select) button
  3. Power on your console while still holding the (Select) button
  4. You should now see a configuration menu of some sort

What to do next

If your console boots to the normal HOME Menu, return to Get Started

If you see a Luma3DS version of 7.0.5 or lower, continue to A9LH to B9S

If you see a Luma3DS version of 7.1, continue to Updating B9S

If you see a Luma3DS version of 8.0 or greater, continue to Restoring / Updating CFW

If you see GodMode9, Decrypt9WIP, Hourglass9, or Luma3DS chainloader, you held (Start) by accident and should try these instructions again with (Select)

If you see something not described by the above options, join Nintendo Homebrew on Discord and ask, in English, for help.