Homebrew Launcher (PicHaxx)

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Technical Details (optional)

This method of using Seedminer for further exploitation uses your movable.sed file to write a custom save file for Pokémon Picross, which can then be used with unSAFE_MODE (via Homebrew Launcher) to run SafeB9SInstaller.

For information on PicHaxx itself, see here.

Compatibility Notes

These instructions work on USA, Europe, and Japan consoles as indicated by the letters U, E, or J after the system version.

You will need a Nintendo Network ID to download Pokémon Picross.

This process will overwrite your Pokémon Picross save file, if you have one. If you wish to preserve your Pokémon Picross game data, you should make a backup of your 00000001.sav file before overwriting it.

What You Need

  • The game “Pokémon Picross” (free on eShop) installed on your device
    • You can scan this QR code using the Nintendo 3DS Camera for a direct link to the eShop app
    • Your SD card must be inserted in your device to install Pokémon Picross
  • Your movable.sed file from completing Seedminer
  • The latest release of Luma3DS (the Luma3DS .zip file)
  • The latest release of unSAFE_MODE (the RELEASE .zip file)


Section I - Prep Work

In this section, you will copy some of the files that will be used to launch the Homebrew Launcher.

  1. Insert your SD card into your computer
  2. Copy boot.firm and boot.3dsx from the Luma3DS .zip to the root of your SD card
    • The root of the SD card refers to the initial directory on your SD card where you can see the Nintendo 3DS folder, but are not inside of it
  3. Create a folder named 3ds on the root of your SD card
  4. Copy the slotTool folder from the unSAFE_MODE .zip to the 3ds folder on your SD card
  5. Copy the otherapp payload for your region/version from the unSAFE_MODE .zip’s otherapps_with_CfgS folder to the root of your SD card and rename it to otherapp.bin

Section II - PicHaxx

In this section, you will create a hacked Pokémon Picross save file that, when used, will load the Homebrew Launcher on your device.

  1. Open the PicHaxx Injector website on your computer
  2. Select your movable.sed file
  3. Select “Build and Download”
  4. Wait for the process to complete
  5. Navigate to Nintendo 3DS -> <ID0> -> <ID1> -> title -> 00040000 -> 0017c100 -> data on your SD card
    • The <ID0> will be the same one that you used in Seedminer
    • The <ID1> is a 32 character long folder inside of the <ID0>
  6. Copy the newly downloaded 00000001.sav file to the data folder on your SD card
    • Overwrite the old save file when prompted

  7. Reinsert your SD card into your device
  8. Power on your device
  9. Launch “Pokémon Picross”
  10. If the exploit was successful, your device will have booted into the Homebrew Launcher

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