Checking for CFW

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Required Reading

This is an add-on section to check if your console already has a modern custom firmware.

If your console already has an arm9loaderhax or boot9strap based custom firmware, you will need to follow the instructions indicated to upgrade your setup to a modern one.

If your console has a menuhax-based CFW setup, you should clear HOME Menu’s extdata, then follow all instructions on your SysNAND. You probably have a menuhax-based setup if your system version when booting without an SD card is 9.2.0-20.


  1. Turn off your console
  2. Hold the (Select) button
  3. Turn on your console while still holding the (Select) button
  4. You should now see a configuration menu of some sort

What to do next

If your console boots to the normal HOME Menu, return to Get Started

If you see a Luma3DS version of 7.0.5 or lower, continue to A9LH to B9S

If you see a Luma3DS version of 7.1, continue to Updating B9S

If you see a Luma3DS version of 8.0 or greater, continue to Restoring / Updating CFW

If you see something not described by the above options, join Nintendo Homebrew on Discord and ask, in English, for help.