Formatting SD (Linux)

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This is an add-on section for formatting an SD card to work with the 3DS.

If the 3DS already recognizes the SD card, this guide is not required.

本教學僅適用於 Linux 使用者。 If you are not on Linux, check out the Formatting SD (Windows) or Formatting SD (Mac) pages.


Section I - Determining which slot your SD card is in

  1. Make sure your SD card is not inserted
  2. Launch the Linux Terminal
  3. Type watch "lsblk"
  4. Insert your SD card into your PC
  5. Observe the output. It should match something like this:
    mmcblk0     179:0    0   3,8G  0 disk
    └─mmcblk0p1 179:1    0   3,7G  0 part /run/media/user/FFFF-FFFF
  6. Take note of the device mount point. In our example above, it was mmcblk0
    • If RO is set to 1, make sure the lock switch is not slid down
  7. Hit CTRL + C to exit the menu

Section II - Formatting the card

  1. Type in sudo cfdisk /dev/(device mount point from above)
  2. On each partition, hit Delete
  3. Create a new Primary partition that covers the size of your entire SD card
    • This will create a new partition with the linux filesystem
  4. Select type and take a look at the menu
  5. Find “W95 FAT32” and take note of the code on the left side of that text
  6. Press any key, then enter the code you took note of in the previous step
  7. Hit enter, then hit Quit