Dumping eShop DSiWare

若需英語支援,請於 Discord 上的 Nintendo Homebrew 伺服器發問。

On this page, you will dump an installed DSiWare title from the eShop to your SD card.


  1. Power on your console
  2. If you haven’t already, re-download your DSiWare title from the Nintendo eShop (instructions here)
    • A DSiWare title’s banner will be a white box with an icon inside of it that is likely animated
  3. Launch System Settings on your console
  4. 移動至 檔案管理 (Data Management) -> DSiWare
  5. Select your DSiWare title
  6. 選擇『複製 (Copy)』並選擇『OK』
  7. Power off your console
  8. 將 SD 卡插入至電腦中
  9. 於您的 SD 卡中,移動至 Nintendo 3DS -> <ID0> -> <ID1> -> Nintendo DSiWare
    • <ID0> is the 32-letter folder name that you copied in Seedminer
    • <ID1> is a 32-letter folder inside of the <ID0>
    • If you have multiple <ID1> folders, follow the instructions here
  10. Copy the .bin file inside of the Nintendo DSiWare folder to the root of your SD card
    • You will need this file later

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