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Seedminer-based methods have been replaced by easier, safer methods. Please return to Get Started unless you have a legitimate reason to follow this page (such as broken shoulder buttons).


為了導出系統的 DSiWare 軟體, 我們使用了在系統設定內的 DSiWare 數據管理視窗的一個漏洞。

為了做到這一點,我們將使用你裝置的系統加密金鑰 (movable.sed) 來建構一個可使用的 DSiWare 系統備份,以便將 DSi 網路設定程式導出到 SD 卡的根目錄。

These instructions work on USA, Europe, Japan, and Korea region consoles as indicated by the letters U, E, J, or K after the system version.


  • 您自 Seedminer 步驟中所取得的 movable.sed 檔案

Section I - BannerBomb3

  1. Open BannerBomb3 Tool on your computer
  2. Upload your movable.sed using the “Choose File” option
  3. Click “Go”
    • This will download an exploit DSiWare called F00D43D5.bin inside of a zip file (
  4. If your console is powered on, power off your console
  5. 將 SD 卡插入至電腦中
  6. 於您的 SD 卡中,移動至 Nintendo 3DS -> <ID0> -> <32-character-id> -> Nintendo DSiWare
    • <ID0> 字串將與您在 Seedminer 中所使用的字串一樣
    • If Nintendo DSiWare does not exist, create it
  7. If there are any existing DSiWare backup files (<8-character-id>.bin) in this folder, move them to your PC
    • This will leave you with an empty Nintendo DSiWare folder. Moving the files to your PC ensures you dont delete any intentional backups
  8. Copy the F00D43D5.bin file from the output\Usa_Europe_Japan_Korea\ folder of the downloaded BannerBomb3 archive ( to the Nintendo DSiWare folder
  9. 將 SD 卡插回主機中
  10. 啟動您的主機
  11. 於您主機上啟動系統設定 (System Settings)
  12. 移動至 檔案管理 (Data Management) -> DSiWare
  13. Click on the SD Card section
    • Your system should flash Magenta (pink/purple) and then crash a few seconds later. This means it worked
  14. 關閉您的主機
  15. 將 SD 卡插入至電腦中
  16. You should now have 42383841.bin in SD root. This is the DSiWare backup you will use later in the guide
  17. 於您的 SD 卡中,移動至 Nintendo 3DS -> <ID0> -> <32-character-id> -> Nintendo DSiWare
    • <ID0> 字串將與您在 Seedminer 中所使用的字串一樣
  18. Delete F00D43D5.bin from the Nintendo DSiWare folder and from your computer. This file will not be needed anymore

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