Dumping eShop DSiWare

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On this page, you will dump an installed DSiWare title from the eShop to your SD card.


  1. Power on your console
  2. If you haven’t already, re-download your DSiWare title from the Nintendo eShop (instructions here)
    • A DSiWare title’s banner will be a white box with an icon inside of it that is likely animated
  3. Launch System Settings on your console
  4. 进入到 資料管理 -> DSiWare
  5. Select your DSiWare title
  6. 选择 “Copy” ,然后选择 “OK”
  7. 将主机关机
  8. 将你的 SD 卡插入到电脑
  9. 打开内存卡的 Nintendo 3DS -> <ID0> -> <ID1> -> Nintendo DSiWare 文件夹
    • <ID0> is the 32-letter folder name that you copied in Seedminer
    • <ID1> is a 32-letter folder inside of the <ID0>
    • If you have multiple <ID1> folders, follow the instructions here
  10. Copy the .bin file inside of the Nintendo DSiWare folder to the root of your SD card
    • You will need this file later

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