Installing boot9strap (Fredtool)

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Technical Details (optional)

This method of using Seedminer for further exploitation uses your movable.sed file to decrypt any DSiWare title for the purposes of injecting an exploitable DSiWare title into the DS Internet Settings application. This requires you to have a DSiWare backup, which you should have gotten in the previous section.

This is a currently working implementation of the "FIRM partitions known-plaintext" exploit detailed here.

Что понадобится

  • A DSiWare Backup, normally 42383841.bin (You should have one on the root of your SD card from following BannerBomb3)
  • Ваш файл movable.sed, полученный на странице Seedminer
  • The latest release of Frogminer_save (
  • The latest release of b9sTool (boot.nds)
  • The latest release of Luma3DS (the Luma3DS .zip file)

Section I - CFW Check

As an additional safety measure, we will perform an additional check for custom firmware. This is because using this method when custom firmware is already installed has a risk of bricking the console (rendering it unusable without recovery methods like ntrboot).

  1. Выключите консоль
  2. Hold the (Select) button
  3. Power on your device while still holding the (Select) button
  4. If the check was successful, you will boot to the HOME Menu and you may proceed with this guide

If you see a configuration menu, you already have CFW, and continuing with these instructions may BRICK your device! Follow Checking for CFW to upgrade your existing CFW.

Часть II - Подготовка

In this section, you will copy the files necessary to temporarily replace DS Connection Settings with Flipnote Studio, which is used to launch the boot9strap (custom firmware) installer.

  1. Open the DSIHaxInjector_new website on your computer
  2. Under the “Username” field, enter any alphanumeric name (no spaces or special characters)
  3. Under the “DSiBin” field, upload your 42383841.bin file using the first “Browse…” option
  4. Under the “MovableSed” field, upload your movable.sed file using the second “Browse…” option
  5. Under the “InjectionTarget” field, set the injection target to DSinternet (NOT memorypit)
  6. Click “Build”
    • Wait a few seconds for the build process to complete
  7. In the Build History section on the left, type the Username into the “Filter Builds” field
  8. Click on the first search result
    • This result should have the latest timestamp
  9. Click the “output_(name).zip” link
  10. Вставьте SD-карту в компьютер
  11. Перейдите в папку Nintendo 3DS -> <ID0> -> <ID1> -> Nintendo DSiWare на SD-карте
    • <ID0> is the 32-letter folder name that you copied in Seedminer
    • <ID1> is a 32-letter folder inside of the <ID0>
  12. Copy the 42383841.bin file from the hax folder of the downloaded DSiWare archive (output_(name).zip) to the Nintendo DSiWare folder
  13. Скопируйте файлы boot.firm и boot.3dsx из .zip-архива Luma3DS в корень SD-карты
    • The root of the SD card refers to the initial directory on your SD card where you can see the Nintendo 3DS folder, but are not inside of it
  14. Скопируйте boot.nds (B9STool) в корень SD-карты
  15. Скопируйте папку private из .zip-архива Frogminer_save в корень SD-карты

Section III - Overwriting DS Connection Settings

In this section, you will copy the hacked DS Connection Settings DSiWare to internal memory, which will temporarily replace it with Flipnote Studio.

  1. Включите консоль
  2. Откройте Системные настройки на вашей консоли
  3. Navigate to Data Management -> DSiWare-> SD Card (image)
  4. Select the “Haxxxxxxxxx!” title
  5. Выберите “Копировать”, затем “OK”
  6. Вернитесь в главное меню Системных настроек
  7. Navigate to Internet Settings -> Nintendo DS Connections, then select “OK” (image)
  8. Если эксплойт сработал корректно, запустится японская версия Flipnote Studio

Section IV - Flipnote Exploit

Если вы предпочитаете визуальное руководство вместо этой части, оно доступно здесь.

In this section, you will perform a series of very specific steps within Flipnote Studio that, when performed correctly, will launch the boot9strap (custom firmware) installer.

  1. Пройдите процесс первоначальной настройки в запущенной игре, пока не попадете в главное меню
    • Выберите опцию слева при появлении запроса во время процесса настройки
  2. С помощью сенсорного экрана нажмите на большой значок слева, затем на значок с SD-картой
  3. После того, как загрузится меню, нажмите на значок с лицом, а затем на кнопку справа внизу, чтобы продолжить
  4. Нажмите (X) или (Вверх) в зависимости от того, какая из кнопок отображается на верхнем экране
  5. Нажмите на вторую кнопку в верхнем ряду со значком кинопленки
  6. Прокрутите вправо, чтобы выбрать кадр “3/3”
  7. Нажмите на третий значок с буквой “A”
  8. Прокрутите влево, чтобы выбрать кадр “1/3”
  9. Нажмите на четвертый значок с буквой “A”
  10. Если эксплойт сработал корректно, запустится b9sTool
  11. Используя крестовину, выберите “Install boot9strap”
    • If you miss this step, the system will exit to HOME Menu instead of installing boot9strap and you will need to open System Settings, then start over from Step 7 of Section III
  12. Нажмите (A), затем нажмите START и SELECT одновременно, чтобы начать процесс
  13. После завершения процесса и появления на нижнем экране надписи “done.”, выйдите из b9sTool, затем выключите консоль
    • При необходимости выключите консоль принудительно, удерживая кнопку питания
    • If your device shuts down when you try to power it on, ensure that you have copied boot.firm from the Luma3DS .zip to the root of your SD card
    • If you see the Luma Configuration screen, press (Start) to reboot, then continue with the guide

Section V - Luma3DS Verification

Due to the nature of the exploit used, it is occasionally (but rarely) possible for boot9strap to not actually get installed. This section will therefore verify that boot9strap was successfully installed by seeing if some files that are normally automatically generated by Luma3DS were created.

  1. Выключите консоль
  2. Вставьте SD-карту в компьютер
  3. Verify that a luma folder exists and that config.ini is inside of it

At this point, your console will boot to Luma3DS by default.

  • Luma3DS does not look any different from the normal HOME Menu. If your console has booted into the HOME Menu, it is running custom firmware.
  • On the next page, you will install useful homebrew applications to complete your setup.

Section VI - Restoring DS Connection Settings

In this section, you will restore DS Connection Settings to the way it was before it was temporarily replaced with Flipnote Studio in Section III.

  1. Перейдите в папку Nintendo 3DS -> <ID0> -> <ID1> -> Nintendo DSiWare на SD-карте
  2. Copy the 42383841.bin file from the clean folder of the downloaded DSiWare archive (output_(name).zip) to the Nintendo DSiWare folder, replacing the existing one
  3. Вставьте SD-карту обратно в консоль
  4. Включите консоль
  5. Откройте Системные настройки на вашей консоли
  6. Navigate to Data Management -> DSiWare-> SD Card (image)
  7. Select the “Nintendo DSi™” title
  8. Выберите “Копировать”, затем “OK”

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