Installing boot9strap (PicHaxx)

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Lectură obligatorie

The instructions on this page do not currently work on the latest firmware (11.16.0). If you were directly linked to this page, return to Seedminer or join Nintendo Homebrew on Discord and ask, in English, for help.

This method of using Seedminer for further exploitation uses your movable.sed file to write a custom save file for Pokémon Picross, which can then be used with universal-otherapp to run SafeB9SInstaller.

This process will overwrite your Pokémon Picross save file, if you have one. If you wish to preserve your Pokémon Picross game data, you should make a backup of your 00000001.sav file before overwriting it.

Ce aveți nevoie

  • The game “Pokémon Picross” (free on eShop) installed on your device
    • You can scan this QR code using the Nintendo 3DS Camera for a direct link to the eShop app
    • Your SD card must be inserted in your device to install Pokémon Picross
  • Fișierul ‘movable.sed’ de la completarea lui Seedminer
  • The latest release of SafeB9SInstaller (direct download)
  • The latest release of boot9strap (direct download)
  • The latest release of Luma3DS (the Luma3DS .zip file)
  • The latest release of universal-otherapp (otherapp.bin)


Secțiunea I - Preparații

  1. Porniți dispozitivul
  2. Open the Nintendo eShop
  3. Tap the Search icon (small magnifying glass)
  4. Search for picross
  5. Open the store page for Pokémon Picross
  6. Download Pokémon Picross
    • You can scan this QR code using the Nintendo 3DS Camera for a direct link to the eShop app
    • Your SD card must be inserted in your device to install Pokémon Picross
  7. Închideți dispozitivul
  8. Introduceți cardul SD în calculator
  9. Copy otherapp.bin to the root of your SD card
    • The root of the SD card refers to the initial directory on your SD card where you can see the Nintendo 3DS folder, but are not inside of it
  10. Copiați boot.firm și boot.3dsx de la Luma3DS .zip pe rădăcina cardului SD
  11. Creați un folder numit boot9strap pe rădăcina cardului SD
  12. Copiați boot9strap.firm și boot9strap.firm.sha din arhiva .zip boot9strap în folderul /boot9strap/ de pe cardul SD
  13. Copy SafeB9SInstaller.bin from the SafeB9SInstaller .zip to the root of your SD card

Secțiunea II - PicHaxx

  1. Open the PicHaxx Injector website on your computer
  2. Selectaţi fişierul movable.sed
  3. Selectați “Build and Download” (Construiește și descarcă)
  4. Așteptați până când procesul este terminat
  5. Navigate to Nintendo 3DS -> <ID0> -> <ID1> -> title -> 00040000 -> 0017c100 -> data on your SD card
    • The <ID0> will be the same one that you used in Seedminer
    • The <ID1> is a 32 character long folder inside of the <ID0>
  6. Copy the newly downloaded 00000001.sav file to the data folder on your SD card
    • Suprascrieți vechiul fişier de salvare când vi se solicită

  7. Reintroduceți cardul SD în dispozitivul dumneavoastră
  8. Porniți dispozitivul
  9. Launch “Pokémon Picross”
  10. If the exploit was successful, your device will have booted into SafeB9SInstaller

Secțiunea III - Instalând boot9strap

  1. When prompted, input the key combo given on the top screen to install boot9strap
    • If the top screen is blank, reboot your device and re-launch Pokémon Picross
  2. Once it is complete, press (A) to reboot your device
  3. Dispozitivul dumneavoastră ar trebui să fi repornit în meniul de configurare Luma3DS
    • If your device shuts down when you try to power it on, ensure that you have copied boot.firm from the Luma3DS .zip to the root of your SD card
  4. Apăsați (Start) pentru a salva și reporni

At this point, your console will boot to Luma3DS by default.

  • Luma3DS does not look any different from the normal HOME Menu. If your console has booted into the HOME Menu, it is running custom firmware.
  • On the next page, you will install useful homebrew applications to complete your setup.

At this point, Pokémon Picross is no longer necessary and can be removed from your device. If you wish to play the game, restore your 00000001.sav backup or re-download the game from the Nintendo eShop.

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