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Lectură obligatorie

If you have hacked your 3DS in the past, or you purchased your 3DS second-hand, it is possible that your console already has custom firmware. You should check for CFW before proceeding.

Alegeți pagina corespunzătore versiunii dumneavoastră din tabelul de mai jos. Țineți cont cum câmpurile “de la” și “până la” sunt inclusiv.

Versiunea dispozitvului poate fi găsit în colțul din dreapta jos al ecranului superior din System Settings.

Before starting, you may want to check your SD card for errors using H2testw (Windows), F3 (Linux), or F3XSwift (Mac)!

While we believe that custom firmware is safe for online use, there have been online network bans in the past, primarily for cheating and suspicious eShop behavior.

Tabel de versiuni

The letter and number after the system version (for example, 11.15.0-47U) is not relevant in this version table.

De la Până la Action
1.0.0 11.3.0 Installing boot9strap (Soundhax)
11.4.0 11.14.0 Update your 3DS to the latest version through System Settings
11.15.0 (latest version) Seedminer

A number of methods that work on all versions are available, but require additional hardware. If possible, you should follow one of the software methods listed above instead.

  1. ntrboot - requires compatible DS flashcart
  2. Installing boot9strap (Hardmod) - requires soldering