Get Started (Old 3DS)

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Required Reading

Selecione a página correspondente à sua versão na tabela abaixo. Note que os campos “de” e “para” são inclusivos.

A versão do seu dispositivo pode ser encontrada no canto inferior direito da tela superior na Confirguração do Console.

While we believe that custom firmware is safe for online use, there have been online network bans in the past, primarily for cheating and suspicious eShop behavior.

Version Table

The letter and number after the system version (for example, 11.14.0-46U) is not relevant in this version table.

De Para Action
1.0.0 11.3.0 Installing boot9strap (Soundhax)
11.4.0 11.14.0 Installing boot9strap (safecerthax)

(Requires a Compatible Flashcart)


Installing boot9strap (Hardmod)
(Requires Soldering)