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קריאה דרושה

To dump system DSiWare, we use an existing homebrew launcher exploit.

If during this guide you discovered a broken DS Internet Settings application, follow TWLFix for Homebrew before continuing

What You Need

חלק I - הכנות

  1. תכבו את המכשיר
  2. תכניסו את ה-SD שלכם למחשב
  3. Copy your movable.sed file to the root of your SD card
  4. Copy DSiWare_Dump.3dsx to the /3ds/ folder on your SD card
  5. תכניסו מחדש את כרטיס הSD שלכם לתוך המכשיר שלכם
  6. תפעילו את המכשיר

Section II - DSiWare Dumping

  1. Open the Homebrew Launcher using any method
  2. Launch DSiWare Dumper from the list of homebrew
    • This will dump a DSiWare application to SD root
    • It is normal to see several failures.
  3. When it shows “Success”, this is the file you will use for the DSiWare backup later in the guide

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